Sunday, July 06, 2014

Lazy Sunday morning.

I'm finally getting around to roofing the dollhouse. It's so close to being complete.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Life with dolls...

Well hello there!

It's been awhile. I'm still collecting dolls, even if I've been super quiet online. So much is new! New house, new job, new dolls! So let's start with this girl I just purchased off of EBay. 

She's a Himeno 1/12 Picco Neemo and should be a perfect fit for the dollhouse I'm building. I wanted a doll that was cute, didn't feel cheap and had a noggin that felt in scale with the dollhouse rooms. I spent 5 months searching for the perfect doll. 

My other new doll is an adorable tan Pukifee Luna from Fairyland. 

I missed out on the Fairyland tan event as I was busy purchasing our home - which was one of the most stressful moments of my life. I will never sell and buy a house at the same time. I lucked out and found this girl on DOA's second hand market. I love the feel and color of Fairyland's tan resin. Dare I say even more than Bambicrony? She still doesn't have a name. The wig is a Liv doll wig.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Deciding on direction

Selling on EBay is such a hard work! I'm in the process of purging down my Pullip collection, and cleaning out my daughters toy room and it's difficult to decide what stays and what goes. I'm the kind of person who gets very sentimental about belongings. And some of the dolls I'm selling I really like. But I haven't played with them in awhile and it's good to have the space.
And in our tiny house space is sorely needed.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Steamy Kitchen...

Waiting for breakfast to finish baking. I am making Egg and Toast cups from Steamy Kitchen (her picture above)

This is the second time I"ve made them...they are SO good. So simple and so not greasy. I want to try the Egg Nests next:

I really recommend this site, my skills are basic in the kitchen, but all the things posted are so yummy and easy to make. I'm just in love.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

New dresses...

Did some sewing this weekend. Chai and Marzipan have some halloween dresses. The pattern for it can be found on the Flickr LittleFee group.

Thursday, October 06, 2011


I love my girls. Eclair, Marzipan and Chai in their new clothes.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

BJD Headbands:

Here's an easy tutorial I posted on DOA for BJD Headbands back in July of 2011. These are fun and super easy to make:


  • Small metal bracelets (Marzipan is holding - those are what you want). Mine were a gift from Walmart and came in a long tube of 50 bracelets for $10. You can also find these at the thrift store. They are just cheapie bangles.

  • Jewelry pieces. I search thrift stores looking for small and sometimes broken costume jewelry. Earings, necklaces, charms and pins all work great. You can also use buttons, really anything that you can imagine so long as the back has enough space for glue.

  • Styrafoam ball in your doll's head size.

  • Tin Foil.

  • E-6000 Glue Clear Transparent.

  • Wire Cutters

  • Painter's Tape (I LOVE this stuff for BJD sewing and crafting because it's not super sticky and doesn't leave a residue)

  • Chop Stick

  • Not shown glass cup that is not too short but not too tall for support.


    1. Skewer the bottom of the styrafoam ball with a chopstick.
    2. Cover the ball with tinfoil. This is super important as the glue reacts very VERY badly with the styrafoam.

    3. Drop the ball on stick into your cup for support. This now free's up your hands.

    4. The bracelet will have a section where the metal has been fused together. You want to cut this section out.
    5. Using the wire cutters cut out a small section so that the headband is the size you want - I kind of eyeball this. For a Littlfee I usually cut off a 1/4 section, I may leave a little extra for a larger head.

6. Shape the head band so that it's got a smaller curve.

7. Then try on the headband to make sure it's the right fit. If needed clip off more of it or reshape it.

8. Pick the piece of jewelry you want to use.
9. Remove all unwanted stuff off the piece using the wire cutters. Snip off earring posts, pin posts, charm loops. You want a flatish back for glue.

I had to send Marzipan away for this next bit because I am a Klutz and didn't want to get glue on her.

10. Put glue either on the back of the jewelry piece OR on the headband direcly. I usually like putting it on the piece unless it's tiny.
11. Put the piece of jewelry on the headband.

12. Use the painters tape to help hold the piece down then put aside and let dry. I usually leave it 3 to 7 days to dry and cure.
13. Once dry remove the tape and headband from the ball. It's now complete!

Problems: I've had it happen where a piece either doesn't glue to the headband or glue's crooked. With metal pieces the glue can peel off and you can try it again.

Hello Bloggerverse...

It's been a long time from my last post. Blogging is hard work! But I'm going to revive this blog in order to share tutorials, dolly things and sewing insprations that relate to the pictures I post on Flickr. Because while Flickr is fantastic for hosting the patterns I create, it's not so good for actually writing out the instructions or putting the pictures together in a way that makes sense. And I've shared many of these tutorials on DOA, but they eventually get lost and bumped down.

So thus the need for this Blog. Please feel free to comment or ask any questions if you need to!