Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It amazes me the things people throw out - especially things that put a lot of work into to creating.

Take this for example:

Thrift Find

Someone put a ton of work into that, didn't frame it and dropped it off at the thrift store. I love the colors they used. Though I haven't decided if it fits with my shabby house or will head to etsy.

Then there's this quilt:Thrift find quilt

It's not perfect; in fact it's quite flawed and weird. But someone worked really hard on it. I imagine they got rid of it in embarrassment as their quilting skills surpassed the quality shown in the quilt - they wanted to hide their shame. I love the vintage fabrics, the colors and how quirky it is. It's going in my car.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

La-la-la the fun of thrifting....

Found a few pretties last week thrifting.

I can't pass up anything with an L or an E. This will go on something - or maybe just my inspiration board.

Vintage Trims

Pretty vintage trims. Love the yellow zig zag one the most.

Vintage Trims2

More vintage and lace trims for dolly clothes.

Vintage Holt shakers

Pretty vintage Holt salt and pepper shakers.

Vintage Nippon head vase

This little girl looks so sweet.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I have not been very consistent with blogging in this blog. I am much better with my T1D blog. This year when packing away Christmas I decided to archive my vintage collection with pictures. These belonged to my grandmother and were my mom's favorite X-mas decoration. She used to play with them a lot as a child and as a result a few of the little candle holders have broken arms. I wish I knew who made them.

My mother's favorite xmas decorations.