Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I found these beautiful Kokeshi at my local thrift store in a baggie for $2. I love their hand painted faces and delicate cheerfulness. But my favorite is the pepper shaker. There was no salt shaker in the baggie, and how tragic that the pepper will live out it's live alone with out it's mate. Forever searching, but never finding it's other half.
When I find things at thrift stores I like to google and learn the items history. What it is, who made it, where it came from. At times it's a bit like being a detective. In my googling I ran a crossed this site and it's very touching story:

Trio Kokeshi 2

Bobble Kokeshi

Large Kokeshi

Pepper Kokeshi

Sunday at the Beach

We went up to see R's Aunt/Uncle/Mom/Stepdad/and little brother again. It was a wonderful relaxing time. And as it was the reunion of my parents death it was exactly what I needed. We had amazing hamburgers on the grill then headed to the beach with the kids to look for sea glass. Bean has started a little collection and I've given her a couple of glass jars to keep them in.

Looking for sea glass

Someone's goldie

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I discovered a new blog that makes me feel good and all warm and fuzzy. It's full of beautiful quotes and pictures including the following link to this video that made me weepy.

My Favourite Things from kidswithcrayons on Vimeo.

Monday, August 10, 2009

LittleFee Skirt Tutorial & Bodice Pattern

Evie Skirt and Top
Here's a pattern & tutorial for a simple LittleFee skirt. I've also included a link to the Bodice pattern though I haven't created a tutorial for it.
Patterns can be found here:
Skirt Tutorail 1
1. Put two pieces of cotton fabric right sides together. You could use two different fabrics to make the skirt reversible.
2. Pin the pieces of fabric together so they don’t slide.
3. Using a Mark-Be-Gone pen trace the pattern onto the fabric.
4. With your machine on a short stitch length (I like 2 or 3) do a straight stitch along the waist and hem of the skirt.
NOTE: On the pattern this is the red lines. I used white thread on the fabric so that it would show up for the tutorial.
Skirt Tutorail 2
5. Cut out your skirt leaving seam allowences along the edges you sewed (The waist and hem).
6. Clip along the curve of the waist and hem.
7. Turn inside out.
8. Press or iron.You should now how a 'tube'.
9. Tuck in the outside open edges so that the raw edges are hidden in the tube.
10. Press again.
Skirt Tutorial 3
12. Stitch up the open edges of the skirt.
13. Attach either a snap or velcro to the ends on opposite sides so they over lap.
14. Embelish or decorate to your hearts content.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Little Fee Sock Tutorial and Pattern
Spent some time sewing this weekend and wanted to share a simple tutorial and pattern for making LittleFee socks. I like to make doll clothes such as T-Shirts and socks from human shirts. I can never find the correct fabric and scale at the fabric store. But I can easily find stripped shirts on sale at Old Navy. The pink shirt in the tutorial was $2 - far cheaper than what I can find at the fabric store.
Sock Tutorial 1
This pattern is easy peasy when you use fabric from a shirt as you can use the hemmed edging for the top of the sock. You can adjust the height of the sock to be below or above the knee.
1. Using the hem of a shirt fold over right sides against each other.
2. Pin so that the fabric doesn't slip and the pattern lines up correctly.
3. Using a Mark-Be-Gone pen trace the pattern onto the fabric.
4. With your machine on a short stitch setting (I usually use 2 or 3) stitch on the line you drew.
Sock Tutorial 2
5. Cut out the sock leaving enough room on the edge for a seam allowence.
6. Repeat all the steps so that you have 2 socks.
7. Run the sock under water so the 'mark be gone' lines disappear.
7. Allow to dry then turn inside out.
Little Fee Sock Tutorial and Pattern

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Our Lazy Sunday Morning
Sunday Morning
I made baked Brie! It looks a bit like something served at Whooville. The recipe came from a good friend and it's so very yummy.
Baked Brie