Monday, August 10, 2009

LittleFee Skirt Tutorial & Bodice Pattern

Evie Skirt and Top
Here's a pattern & tutorial for a simple LittleFee skirt. I've also included a link to the Bodice pattern though I haven't created a tutorial for it.
Patterns can be found here:
Skirt Tutorail 1
1. Put two pieces of cotton fabric right sides together. You could use two different fabrics to make the skirt reversible.
2. Pin the pieces of fabric together so they don’t slide.
3. Using a Mark-Be-Gone pen trace the pattern onto the fabric.
4. With your machine on a short stitch length (I like 2 or 3) do a straight stitch along the waist and hem of the skirt.
NOTE: On the pattern this is the red lines. I used white thread on the fabric so that it would show up for the tutorial.
Skirt Tutorail 2
5. Cut out your skirt leaving seam allowences along the edges you sewed (The waist and hem).
6. Clip along the curve of the waist and hem.
7. Turn inside out.
8. Press or iron.You should now how a 'tube'.
9. Tuck in the outside open edges so that the raw edges are hidden in the tube.
10. Press again.
Skirt Tutorial 3
12. Stitch up the open edges of the skirt.
13. Attach either a snap or velcro to the ends on opposite sides so they over lap.
14. Embelish or decorate to your hearts content.

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Metal_Minish said...

This is awesome, waiting for my first YoSD and she'll need some clothes! Thanks for sharing!