Sunday, August 09, 2009

Little Fee Sock Tutorial and Pattern
Spent some time sewing this weekend and wanted to share a simple tutorial and pattern for making LittleFee socks. I like to make doll clothes such as T-Shirts and socks from human shirts. I can never find the correct fabric and scale at the fabric store. But I can easily find stripped shirts on sale at Old Navy. The pink shirt in the tutorial was $2 - far cheaper than what I can find at the fabric store.
Sock Tutorial 1
This pattern is easy peasy when you use fabric from a shirt as you can use the hemmed edging for the top of the sock. You can adjust the height of the sock to be below or above the knee.
1. Using the hem of a shirt fold over right sides against each other.
2. Pin so that the fabric doesn't slip and the pattern lines up correctly.
3. Using a Mark-Be-Gone pen trace the pattern onto the fabric.
4. With your machine on a short stitch setting (I usually use 2 or 3) stitch on the line you drew.
Sock Tutorial 2
5. Cut out the sock leaving enough room on the edge for a seam allowence.
6. Repeat all the steps so that you have 2 socks.
7. Run the sock under water so the 'mark be gone' lines disappear.
7. Allow to dry then turn inside out.

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Andrea said...

I would just like to say a really BIG thank you. I have my very first doll being made at the mo and thanks to all your great patterns she will have a fantastic little wardrobe when she gets here!