Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It amazes me the things people throw out - especially things that put a lot of work into to creating.

Take this for example:

Thrift Find

Someone put a ton of work into that, didn't frame it and dropped it off at the thrift store. I love the colors they used. Though I haven't decided if it fits with my shabby house or will head to etsy.

Then there's this quilt:Thrift find quilt

It's not perfect; in fact it's quite flawed and weird. But someone worked really hard on it. I imagine they got rid of it in embarrassment as their quilting skills surpassed the quality shown in the quilt - they wanted to hide their shame. I love the vintage fabrics, the colors and how quirky it is. It's going in my car.

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simplypeaceable said...

I think the embroidered little sign is lovely and I can imagine it took a lot of time to do! What a pity to throw it out.