Friday, July 03, 2009

4th of July Weekend

My lovely 3 day weekend started with this:

Banana Muffins with peanut butter chocolate chips! So very yummy. The recipe comes from this wonderful site that has the greatest music:
Then Bean and I headed off to do this:

Berry Picking at Stocker Farms. It's the last weekend for strawberries. We had a race to see who could fill up their bucket the most and Bean beat me by a pound. Such a good price we ended up with almost 6lbs of strawberries for $10. After picking we went to their store and bought a couple of ice creams, lemons, honey and some wonderful honey sticks.

We have so many strawberries. Most are very tiny but oh so sweet. I washed them, sliced them and made a pie, enough strawberry shortcake for 2 desserts, put some in the freezer and saved the large ones to dip in chocolate.

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