Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some recent thrifting. The vintage train case I'm going to repurpose to hold some craft supplies. I don't know what I'll do with the patterns. But I love the vintage styles. The first has an old black rotary phone, the second is a sack style dress with a tie - I can't imagine it looking all that flattering but love that they are all wearing pearls. The last is a simple Jackie O coat pattern.
Please excuse our poor deck. I had repainted it less than 6 months ago with Behr. And it peeled in the winter cold. It's under warrenty but I've been to busy to pursue it. It'll have to be sanded and repainted again.


happydollygirl said...

If you painted it less than 6 mos ago, that would mean you painted it in January? I'm confuzzled! :)

Neat patterns. I tried to make a coat into a dress that was very similar with a pattern from my grandma. It was a bit of a disaster, but hey, I learned a lot about sergers... ;)

Melancholywings said...

Oh it has been longer now! It went to crap in late Dec during that big snow that had us stuck. But I painted it in Oct I think.