Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bean's Play: Hard Knock Life, Junie B Jones, & Jigsaw Jones

Bean's spring acting and musical theater classes are over. For her final class the kids put on a play for the parents. First they did an act from Junie B Jones and Bean played Junie's friend Herb. Then they did an act they created on their own of Jigsaw Jones and Bean played a kid bouncing a ball. For the final class they sung two songs from Annie. We loved seeing how she interacted with the other kids. She fit in so well with them, and they gave each other hugs good bye. It was everything we could have wanted out of the class.

If only some of the parents showed that same kindness.

Before each class all the parents lined up outside the class studio. For the second class this one family - you can see the old red haired woman in my picture, charged up to the front of the line demanding to get in first. Her second niece was playing one of the 'Annies'. One of the dads stepped up and told them to go back and wait in line. So she went storming to the back giving us all the pig eye. To my families misfortune she sat in front of us. Bean was directly in front of us and we had a perfect view. This woman's kid was on the right side of the room. We were in the back row by choice so that R could stand in the isle and record as they requested. So in the middle of the song this old broad got out of her chair, crossed over a few seats to stand directly in front of R as he's recording and starts taking pictures of her kid. I suspect she was intentionally trying to get in his way as she had a perfect view from her front row seat of her child. I traded places with R so he could continue filming and she completely blocked his camera. After the first song she went back to her seat. But on the second song she got up and did it again this time crowding into my space while I was taking pictures. So I flipped my camera to flash and started timing my pictures to screw up her's. I couldn't make a bigger scene - but man did I want to.

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