Sunday, June 14, 2009

Petite Ai and Pippos Sundress Pattern & Tutorial

Sundress pattern - Tools
1/4 or 1/2 a yard of fabric - depends on the print of the fabric.
Sewing Machine ruffler foot
Mark-B-Gone Pen
One of those tube turner things - I forget it's official name.
1 Snap
Patterns for Petite AI, Pippos and MSD:
Note: The pink edges of the pattern do not have seam allowences. You will do some sewing on the bodice before you cut the pieces out of the fabric. The stitch length should be small - 2 or 3.
Step 1: The skirt
1. There is no pattern for the skirt as it is just a rectangle. You will want to figure out how long you want the skirt to be then add in seam allowences. Take into consideration the length of any trim added to the hem. You will want the rectangle to be as wide as possible. I usually cut it 5 1/2 inches long by 45 inches wide - running it the whole length of a piece of fabric. When using the ruffler foot it is better for it to be to long than to short. You can also hand gather the skirt but the ruffler will give you consistent and neat little pleats - plus it makes it so much easier.
2. Hem the bottom of the skirt. Iron or press the hem. Add any desired trim to the hem. Gather the top of the skirt - either by hand or run it through the ruffler. Iron the top of the skirt so the pleats lie flat. If using the ruffler I would recommend sewing at the top of the skirt again, following the line from the ruffler. This will stop the pleats from sliding when attaching the skirt.
Step 2: The bodice
Sundress pattern step 1
1. Put two pieces of fabric right sides together. This will be the bodice and the lining.
2. Use the washable end of the Mark B Gone pen, outline the pattern on the fabric. When using prints watch the placement so that the print is straight.
3. Pin the fabric together.
4. Sew the arm holes, neck holes and back seams. On the pattern these are the lines drawn in pink.
Step 3: Cut and Wash
Sundress pattern step 2
1. Cut out the bodice. On the unsewed lines cut along the Mark-B-Gone pen. On the edges you sewed you will need to leave a seam allowence.
2. Clip the fabric along the curve of the arm holes and neck noles.
3. Wash and let the fabric dry. The Mark-B-Gone pen lines will now have disapeared.
Step 4: Turn the bodice inside out.
Sundress patter step 4
1. Insert the tool from the bottom hole of the front and through the bottom of the back.
2. Using the little hook - grasp the fabric and pull the back section in to and through the shoulder and front of the bodice. Turing it inside out. Repeat for the other side.
Step 5: The finish
sundress pattern step 5
1. Iron the bodice flat. Don't worry if it wrinkles a bit on the shoulders as this section will be on a curve.
2. Add any trims or decorative elements such as ribbons, buttons, or lace.
3. Sew up the sides under the arm hole. Do a fitting on the doll before attaching skirt. That way you can adjust the side seams if they are to large or small.
4. Attach skirt to bodice. I fold over the edge so the raw hem is not exposed.
5. Trim off the skirt if it's too long and turn over the other edge.
6. Sew up the back of the skirt.
7. Add the snap.
If you'd like some inspiration I have some other dresses in my flickr account using this pattern:

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Thank you so much for this pattern and tutorial. I made an adorable christmas dress using it !