Monday, June 22, 2009

Portland - father's day, birthdays, cooking and Rock Band

It's R's 40th birthday so we drove down to Portland for the weekend to see our good friends Chad and Bree who were also celebrating Chad's birthday and throwing a party. We took my new picnic basket from Target and stopped along the way at a rest stop for a small picnic and some dog walking. The traffic was absolutely horrid and the goodies in the basket really helped. Although I adore the basket as it's woven with a red check lining the handles are absolute crap and can't support the weight of a full basket.

We started the next day with breakfast at a cute little place called Old Wives Tales. They had a little painted room that the kids could play in and the menu had all kinds of unusual but yummy foods.

Acrossed the street was a cool old building with a retro looking 7-up sign. Portland has some of the best buildings, so much quirk and history.

Later in the day Bree, Bean and I spent time in the kitchen. Bree's kitchen is beautiful, sunny with a vintage style that inspires and comforts. I now understand all those chick flicks about cooking in Tuscany. It was such an amazing experience. I'm not the most skilled person in the kitchen and I learned so much from her. And I watch Bean thrive as she did things she'd never tried. I felt reconnected with things I feel I missed out on when my parents died - skills in the kitchen and a sense of self. I'm now commited to spending more time with Bean in the kitchen. Making food that takes time which rewards us with time to connect to each other.

We made a wonderful salad and Bree made the cake of awsomeness. Her cake was amazing and all the food was a huge hit at the party. We drank, ate and played some Rock Band. Even Bean got in on the action wowing all the adults with her vocals. I think we're going to have to spring for the Beatles Rock Band when it comes out. Bean and I left the party early leaving the adults to continue the merry making. But it was a very enjoyable weekend.

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