Monday, May 04, 2009

Bean handed me a tiny yellow post it note yesterday while I was bent over my sewing machine. It was an invitation to her Pokemon Club. I headed downstairs to discover her bedroom door was covered in more tiny post it notes with various signs such as 'We have Turtwig, Picachu and Zubat', 'No Team Galactic' and 'Train your Pokemon Here'.

Bean's post it's

She had her room set up as a battle arena and after I picked my pokemon (Pikachu) we battled it out. Her pokemon of course won, mine kept attacking me and she was some what tolerant of the moves I made up - although she kept looking up moves on the little Pokedex she got from Grandma Mary to check if I was doing it right.

After playing pokemon we dressed up her build-a-bears. I wish the clothing was better organized in her room. Right now it's all shoved in a plastic drawer, or hanging on paper hangers in her closet. It's not an ideal storage solution. I thought about purchasing this until I saw it in person at the store:

It's almost $40 and the inside drawers and compartments are cardboard. For that price I expect it to be better made - as is I didn't feel it was worth more than $20. It also didn't look like it would hold much.

If she had the floor space I would just purchase a short bookcase and glue a rod inside it to hang clothes.

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