Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day in Portland part 2

When visiting Portland we stay at Red Lion Jantzen Beach as it is near our friends and is pet friendly. The hotel is interesting, it's two large buildings seperated by a bridge, it sits on the river with a pier, a beautiful outdoor pool, an indoor restuarant that serves a very pricey Sunday buffet and they host a lot of weddings. But one of the two hotel buildings is closed and fenced in. They've done some restoration on the inside of the open building but it still feels old, our hotel room had also been updated new TV and pretty beds, except the bathroom had cracked and broken fixtures. Still it's affordable and clean even if it's quirky.

Chair storage.

A 'wall' made from chairs and couches. It seperates a walk way from the buffet area and coffee bar.

After eating at Voodoo Doughnuts we said good-bye to our friends and met up with the puppy seller to pick up the newest member of our family. Bean has begged for several years and we finally caved and bought her a puppy. A pretty petite 'shorkie' which is 1/2 Shitzu and 1/2 Yorkie. She was a beautiful little girl but got car sick and had to ride home in her crate. Leaving Bean to cuddle with Remy.

Bean has named her puppy Bella and she's such a little cuddle bug. She likes to bound over the grass like a rabbit, then drops down and hides in the green like a ninja puppy. We'll have to enroll her in puppy classes. But right now she just wants to sleep with us on the couch. Remy is not completely amused.

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