Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend in Portland

On Friday Bean spoiled me with my mother's day gifts. In class she had made a flower from a wooden spoon and a potted plant. I love class project gifts. So much inovation and creativity.

Saturday after Bean's acting classes we hit the road and headed to Portland. For lunch I wanted to eat some where that had personality. So we pulled off the road at Tumwater. A little sign caught our eye and in the distance the restuarant looked like a darling blue coastal building with white pillars and a wrap around porch. Cute! But then we pulled into the parking lot and R noticed the bar attached to the side of the restuarant and a large motorcycle gang parked out front. The blue paint was peeling off a building that looked more shabby than chic. So we stopped at a sub shop instead. We walked the dog and watched a nicely dressed man pee in the bushes outside of Costco. Tumwater has quite the personality.

We then arrived in Portland and after checking into our hotel we headed to the pool. Only too bad for us the pool was closed and we could only use the Hot Tub. Hot Tubs are not as fun as pools.

We wrapped up Saturday with some sushi and Rock Band with some friends. On Sunday we met up with the same friends for breakfast at Elmers. It's such good food! Bean had a dutch baby and now I have to find a recipie for it as it was pure yummy. After breakfast we headed to Voodoo Doughnuts which was featured on the Food Channel. They have two locations in Portland. The first one was full of bums so we went to the second location which is very quirky but has 100% less bumage. Bean and I had voodoo doll doughuts, complete with raspberry filling and prentzle stuck in the heart.

Continued tomorrow....

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